Rural Children Learning Space- Holiday classes

At Durian, we intentionally desire to create a secure future for children in and around our community as they add their particular charm to the work we do. With primary and secondary schools closed for the third term holiday, between August and September, we taught over 120 children at our crafts village everything from academics, life skills, and craft making to ICT training. About 60% of our children completed their training sessions in specific crafts like purse-making, liquid soap production, the introduction to bamboo work, and snack-making. A follow-up program is in the works to consolidate the knowledge and skills acquired.


Since education is one of our core values, we acknowledge and honor the importance of literacy, particularly in rural communities worldwide. Especially in light of World Literacy Day, which took place on the 8th of September with the theme: Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces. From our frequent learning sessions with the older (adult) members of our community to the foundational classes held with the children, it’s clear that we are practicing what we preach — that it is never too early or too late to learn. 

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