Progress Report on Our Ugele Project: Empowering Communities through Sustainable Farming Unlocking Potential in Ugele

During our inaugural visit to Ugele, we conducted an in-depth resource and waste mapping. The discoveries were inspiring:

  • Community Enthusiasm: The residents are eager to learn business management and tomato farming. Their enthusiasm is our greatest resource, driving the project’s momentum.
  • Land Commitment: Despite space constraints, the community dedicated half a plot of land for our demo farm and greenhouse—a testament to their commitment to progress

Our Game Plan

Here’s how we’re turning this potential into progress:

  • Sustainable Tomato Farming Training: We’re equipping the community with skills in sustainable tomato farming. A communal greenhouse will serve as the heart of this initiative, providing a nurturing space for seedlings accessible to all for planting and sales.
  • Sack and Bag Farming: Introducing innovative sack and bag farming techniques to help residents maximize their limited land resources.
  • WhatsApp Learning Platform: Creating a dynamic learning community via WhatsApp, where residents can ask questions, share knowledge, and receive ongoing education on business and farming.

Key Takeaways

  • People Power: In Ugele, the most valuable asset is the people’s willingness to learn and contribute. Their energy and dedication are propelling the project forward.
  • Land Preservation: The drive for development has reduced available farmland in Ugele, pushing residents to cultivate land outside their community. This highlights the need for strategies that preserve rural agricultural land.
  • Tailored Approaches: Each community has unique resources and challenges. Flexibility and customization in our approach are crucial for addressing local needs effectively and ensuring sustainable impact.

Join Us on this Journey

The Ugele project is more than just a farming initiative; it’s a movement towards sustainable community development. We’re excited to share this journey with you and look forward to your support and engagement as we empower Ugele and similar communities to thrive.


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