Livestock farming if integrated into the frame of rural development will lead to improved opportunities for rural dwellers. This will contribute to an increase in the total income of farmers as well as providing year-round employment. Over the last few months, we have been working hard to grow our livestock farm, with the aim of creating sustainable opportunities for the rural women in our community to invest in. As such, we were overjoyed to welcome several new little piglets to our growing livestock farm!

We also had a good number of interactive team meetings and strategy sessions with our partners, focused on doubling down on our efforts to fostering self-sufficient, eco-friendly communities. We are looking forward with great optimism to seeing the future of the farms and the impact it would have on the rural women in the communities we serve. We are currently creating avenues for women who make cassava flakes to earn through the purchase of their cassava peel waste which we convert into feed for the pigs on the farm.

We are not just thinking about Impact, we are thinking about sustainable impact.


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