Fabric Scraps to Clothes

There’s a popular saying that nothing is wasted. An item that was used by A and thrown away thereby calling it waste can still be picked by B and reused and turned into a beautiful thing.

That is why at the fashion villa within the organization we are reclaiming used clothes and converting them into other beautiful and sustainable items. Here, we don’t just make clothes and bags from new materials, we take those materials that are no longer needed and turn them into beautiful clothes and bags for people.

We also use the leftover pieces from clothes, join them together to make items such as dresses, shirts, shorts, table cloths, and even pillowcases. Added to this we get those banners that are no longer needed or used and turn them into beautiful bags like school bags, handbags, clipper bags, and even soccer boots bags.

In recent times, the prices of items have increased making it difficult for many low-income families to provide certain needs for their children. These needs include clothing and bags for school. But with this new project we are carrying out at the craft village, women can now afford to buy these necessities for their children at low cost and with good quality.

We will continue to create projects that are contributing to solving social problems within the communities we serve.

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