Sustainable Leadership training program

This is a 3 months sustainable leadership training program for 8 identified participants from identified rural communities. The aim of this training is to empower the selected participants with skills and perspectives needed to steer change from within their communities as well as being sustainability drivers in the community. After the training, the participants will be known as change catalysts.

Waste to Value training Program

This training is the second phase of our intervention in each community we go. It comes after the sustainable leadership training program. It is a 3 months training where 20 members of each community identified by the change catalysts are trained on how to transform their local waste to value.

Eco- Friendly Workspace construction

The next activity after the waste to value training is setting up an eco- friendly low-cost workspace for the trained participants belonging to each community. This is done so that participants who successfully complete the waste to value training program can have a place to work. This workspace will be built together with the 20 trained participants from the waste to value training and with the support of the members of the community.

Start-up Support

We provide start-up support in the form of a one-year mentorship and start-up grant to the trained participants. Through this, we give the trained participants the support they need to start their group ventures.