Imagine a community where bicycles, furniture, household items, and musical instruments are made out of bamboo! Yes, that is the Imafon that we see.

Imafon, Akure, Ondo State have a large mass of bamboo which is often burnt. This is one of the local resources within the community that is burnt and seen as a waste.

We are currently working with the community to make it a hub for creative materials from bamboo. Guess what! We also have started a bamboo farm within Imafon so that the community will learn about environmental sustainability. The bamboo unit of the organization has so far graduated 15 women and girls who can now make Earrings, hand bands, neckpieces, cups, spoons, tables, chairs, etc. They not only know how to do this but also have learned about marketing, customer management, book-keeping, leadership, gender, communications and lots more.

You are welcome to join us!

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  1. wonderful, EcoShelter Uganda would like to be in touch, they also make things with bamboo, Julius Muwaga & Alan Cundall

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