T for Tomatoes: Farm to Fork

We’re passionate about growing and expanding our farms. In September, we launched our pilot tomato farms with the aim of training rural women to use bags and sacks for tomato farming, both for household use and to generate income for themselves. Besides its obvious nutritional value, tomatoes are a staple in most homes across the country, with food prices ever increasing. In Nigeria, the demand for tomatoes is estimated at around 2.3 million metric tons per annum, while the output is 1.8 million metric tons due to a lack of suitable storage facilities and poorly developed marketing channels. Tomato farms are found mainly in the country’s northern parts, and some harvests can be transported as far as a thousand (1,000) kilometers to the end retail markets by road. By teaching our beneficiaries this approach to tomato farming, we are not only showing locals cost-effective, simple, and sustainable ways of growing food right at home but also launching our upcoming Farm-To-Fork projects.

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