Founder- Tony Joy


Tony Joy

At 23, I started my journey in social development with organizing a clean-up exercise in over 8 states in Nigeria on February 17th, 2015, from there I discovered my love for waste. I realized that I could do more with waste. The drive to keep doing something led me into Imafon, a rural community in Akure, Ondo State in 2016, where I decided to spend my time with people who are treated like waste, poor and marginalized. I wanted to empower them with skills and perspectives they need to make things out of waste.

Today, through Durian I want to see more empowered rural and marginalized communities that turn their local waste into value while regaining their dignity. I want to see more self-sufficient rural communities who know that they are not useless. I want to share my life with the rural poor and marginalized.

Interns- Kim and Sophia


We are Kim, 25, from the Netherlands and Sophia, 22, from Germany. Currently, we are in our Masters, studying International Marketing at Jönköping University in Sweden. We are very interested in sustainability and passionate about traveling and exploring new cultures. In our travels, we also got confronted with the issues Tony Joy is addressing in her project Durian.

In Sophia’s recent travels to Bali, she visited the Green Village, a city completely build out of bamboo, and participated in a guided tour and learned about the different ways to use bamboo. Therefore we are particularly interested in this material, which enables communities to be self-sufficient and to grow.

Kim really came in contact with the issue of waste during her bachelor thesis when she did research in limiting food waste within small companies. This really got her interested to learn more about the initiatives that already exist to limit this unnecessary waste or to use it for other purposes.

We are really happy to be a part of Durian. We are happy working as interns creating a marketing plan for the bamboo to value training program as well as in other valuable ways for the organization.

Program Officer- Akinfiloye Michael

Akinfiloye Michael is from Idanre Ondo State. He is a graduate of Medical Laboratory Sciences from School of Health Technology, Akure. He is very passionate about rural development and loves taking responsibilities. He serves as a Programs officer with Durian. According to him, he says “I love working around the rural area because it is natural and safe. I also love to make the maximum impact”. He is very hardworking and loves to learn new things.