End of the year Message!

Merry Christmas!

This is a season of love and from us all at Durian, we want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very fruitful new year!

We started our project year in 2017 with a launch and NGO fair that was organized in India through Kanthari. With this, we started carrying out activities towards achieving our goal. We were able to get two amazing interns to join us on the journey and work to set up a working marketing plan for the products the community will be thought how to make. We also started a crowdfunding campaign to raise 2500USD to complete our Eco-friendly craft training center in Imafon and so far we have raised 161USD. On a very happy note the founder of Durian; Tony Joy; received her certificate of completion of the kanthari course in India in December, and in the same month, we had our first community interaction with women and children in Imafon community.

The journey has started with full engagment towards empowering rural communities and we know we can only do this much with the support we have received from our donors, friends and supporters.

We look forward to a very engaging new year with our leadership training commencing in February and the Bamboo to Value training in June 2018.

Our belief is that Rural is cool so you are welcomed to join us on this journey!

Warm wishes!

Durian Team.

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