Durian is an offspring of Making a Difference Foundation. Making a Difference Foundation is a registered Non- Governmental Organization in Nigeria with registration no- CAC/IT/89086. Durian works to equip rural communities with skills and perspectives they need to be self-sufficient. We are guided by the philosophy that there is nothing called waste and no deserves to be treated like waste.


Durian envisions a Nigeria where rural does not mean poor and marginalized but where rural means cool and creative.


We empower rural communities to be self-sufficient through transforming their local waste into a means of livelihood.


Our core values are Simplicity, Integrity, Creativity, Appreciation and Environmental friendly mindset. These core values define us as an organization and cuts across our relationship and interaction with donors, the team, and our beneficiaries.

  • Simplicity: We understand the value of clear communications hence we are open and easy to understand. We also run a flat organizational structure which does not give room for any form of inequality.
  • Creativity: We think outside the box for solutions to problems as well as when developing our approaches to social problems.
  • Integrity:  Our words are our bond. We hold in high esteem trust and keep to what we say we would do. We also value our donors and hold them in high esteem, hence we communicate with them with that understanding.
  • Appreciation: The art of appreciating all those who contribute in any form to the development of the organization is a part of our organization’s lifestyle.
  • Environmental Friendly Mindset: We consider the impact of anything we do on the environment before doing it. We try as much as we can to contribute to the sustainability of the environment.