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We are creating rural communities of the future: circular, creative, and empowered by rural women.

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Durian engages women in rural communities in intensive training and activities which enables them to create change from within and reclaim their unique identity cum dignity.
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Our Projects

Vocational Training

Picture a space where women learn to create different kinds of crafts and solutions using the local waste and resource readily available within their communities. This is the kind of learning space we create in the communities we work in. In Imafon community where we have our crafts village, we have women learning how to make products like jewelry, furniture, and other crafts from bamboo. We have a skincare space where women are thought how to use cocoa pods husk and other organic materials to make soaps and other skincare products and finally, we have a fashion space where waste fabric is collected and used to create new designs. Each training period lasts for at least one year for each woman and at the end of the training program, she is supported to either get a job or start her enterprise.


We engage in Adult Literacy classes to equip our women and beneficiaries with the skills needed to thrive in the marketplace. During the classes, they learn to read and write. They also learn about bookkeeping, communications, leadership, public speaking, the use of computers, and knowing their fundamental human rights. Added to this we create learning spaces where children and young people within the communities we serve can learn for free in a fun-filled environment. They are also introduced in this space to the idea of self-learning using ICT.


We contribute to the reduction of hunger through our local food manufacturing and processing projects. These projects are mainly managed by community women. At present we plant and process cassava to cassava flakes (Garri) and provide this at a low cost to families in Imafon community. We are looking forward to working on a Women's livestock farm project and also growing into other food processing to reduce hunger and malnutrition in communities as well as to reduce the farm food waste coming from communities.

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