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We are creating rural communities of the future: circular, creative, and empowered by rural women.

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Durian engages women in rural communities in intensive training and activities which enables them to create change from within and reclaim their unique identity cum dignity.
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The Rural Green Fellowship is a tailored six-month program aimed at nurturing rural development vanguards aged 18-45. The program focuses on imparting

With your generous support, we have positively impacted the lives of 3,000 individuals in rural communities across Ondo State during the first

In many rural communities in Nigeria, accessing healthcare services is a luxury most cannot afford. This often leads to dire consequences, as

Have you ever considered the true cost of your smartphone, solar panels, or electric car? While these technologies represent progress and sustainability,

During our inaugural visit to Ugele, we conducted an in-depth resource and waste mapping. The discoveries were inspiring: Community Enthusiasm: The residents

In the heart of Nigeria’s rural landscapes, women stand as silent yet formidable pillars of strength, shouldering the primary responsibilities for food

Long-term changes in Earth’s climate patterns that are mostly caused by human activity are referred to as “climate change,” a ubiquitous global

The process of engaging rural communities must begin with community entrance. This engagement, though, can be exceedingly demanding. Various factors, like culture,

            Nigeria is not an exception to the horrendous crime of human trafficking that continues to afflict

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